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Monday, December 1, 2008

Is it just me...

Is it just me, or is it getting scary out there? I graduate from college in May, and the economy continually takes steps backward as I move forward. I'm planning on moving to New York, as most college graduates from the Midwest do, and how can I not worry that there won't be a job waiting for me on a silver platter?
But I guess nothing is really like that, is it? Shit, everything is so much hard fucking work, am I right, people? Maybe I'm just lazy and American, and maybe I've just lolligagged my way through college without making any friends or real connections. Is that depressing or just the way it is? I guess at this point, for me, it's both.
New York City, though, can you imagine? Just to think about it gives me butterflies, since I've lived in Nebraska my whole life and let me tell you how that goes: it gets fucking old. I wanted to run away to New York with my friend Jen years ago, but instead we made longterm plans to move in, and slowly but surely the oppurtunity is creeping up on us. How I hope the years will go by in New York... I'm so ready to start my adult life.
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